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Automatic Driving Lessons in Aldershot and Guildford

The Bay Park

Remember that car parks are designed for pedestrians and cars to mix safely, so be particularly observant when driving round looking for a space! You will be a pedestrian very soon!
Drive passed the chosen space and stop about 2 metres (if possible) from the edge of the bays, about 1½ car lengths passed the bay with the steering straight.
POM and move back until the line nearest to you marking the bay you are reversing into is in the corner of the back door window.
Be aware that the front of the car will move into danger as you turn the steering wheel to full left lock.
Continue with all round observation as you back into the space. We are reversing towards the yellow railings. Just over half way round, you should see the line and the back of the bay like this.
When you can just see the white line in the right door mirror like this, start to straighten up the steering.
Stop and secure the car when the front of the car is just inside behind the line marking the front of the space.