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The Parallel Park

Check that it is safe and convenient to park behind the vehicle.
"Will I block the driveway?"
I need about twice the length of my car behind the target vehicle.
Pull up
  1. half a meter from the side of the target vehicle,
  2. you (the driver) level with the far end of the target vehicle,
  3. parallel with the kerb and
  4. with the steering straight.
Apply the foot brake to show your brake lights.
Select reverse to show your reverse light.
POM and move back to your first point of turn . Be aware that the front of the car will move into danger as you turn one full turn of the steering wheel to the left.
When the left door mirror is pointing to the corner of the target vehicle, turn the steering wheel one full turn to the right (the car will go straight back) ...
... until the front of your car is clear of the target vehicle.
Then turn the steering wheel all the way to the right.
Stop and secure the car when you are parallel to the kerb.
The kerb in the middle of the back window.
This is what the kerb should look like in the door mirror.
This is the ideal distance from the target vehicle.