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Automatic Driving Lessons in Aldershot and Guildford

Myths and Facts



The most common reasons for failing are:
  1. Observation at junctions ‐ ineffective or bad observation and judgement.
  2. Reverse Parking ‐ ineffective observation and/or lack of accuracy.
  3. Use of Mirrors ‐ not checking often enough, and/or not acting on the information.
  4. Reversing Round a Corner ‐ ineffective observation and/or lack of accuracy.
  5. Incorrect use of Signals ‐ giving misleading signals, or forgetting to cancel them.
  6. Moving away Safely ‐ ineffective observation.
  7. Incorrect Positioning on the Road ‐ particularly at roundabouts and on bends.
  8. Lack of Steering Control ‐ steering too early or too late.
  9. Incorrect Position for turning right ‐ at junctions or one-way streets.
  10. Inappropriate Speed ‐ driving too slowly or too quickly.
as reported by the Driving Standards Agency for the 12 months to January 2004.
As you can see, most are concerned with observation ‐ so the next time I nag you, you can see it's for a good reason ‐ Your safety!