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Automatic Driving Lessons in Aldershot and Guildford

The DSA Syllabus

As a learner, you must fully understand each item listed below, without any prompting. You must also act correctly on what you see.
The Basics:  
Cockpit checks DSSSM
Safety checks HOOOG
Controls & instruments What, where, why and how to use.
Moving off & stopping POM, under control, safe driving line.
Safe positioning Open door's width from curb.
Mirrors Adjusting and using; MSPSL
Signals When necessary, correctly timed
Anticipation & planning What do I do if ...?
Use of speed Correct speed for the conditions. Know what the speed limit is and stick to it.
Other traffic Dealing with oncoming traffic, vulnerable road users.
Junctions Approach speed, observation, left & right turns, cutting corners
Roundabouts Signals on approach, priority, straight-lining, spiral.
Pedestrian crossings Recognising crossings, markings, priority, observations on approach.
Adverse conditions Rain, snow, low sun, loose surfaces, misted-up windows.
Emergency stop Avoidance by defensive driving, speed of reaction, skid control.
Dual carriageways Joining & leaving, overtaking and lane discipline
The Manoeuvres:  
Is it A COOL place
Are you  Able to do the manoeuvre?
Is it  Convenient to other road users?
Can you  Observe other road users?
Can you be  Observed by others?
Is it  Legal?
Turn in the Road Get close to the kerb but without touching the kerb with a wheel.
Reverse round a corner Keeping reasonably close to the curb.
Parallel park Steer one turn to the left, then one to the right, then all the way to the right.
Bay park Use line nearest to you marking the bay you want to reverse into. Full lock. Remember to straighten up when parallel with lines!
Independent Driving:  
You will be asked to drive independently for about 10 minutes during your test. This involves either following a set of directions (usually 2 sets of 3 turns at a time) or following signs to a place. The destination might change as you drive - you won't really end up in Reading!
This is not a separate requirement for the driving test but a brief check on how you will drive by yourself after you have passed. You will not fail or even get a driving fault if you go the wrong way as long as other road users do not know that you have - ie you've used you mirrors and signalled and been in the correct road position for the direction you have taken.
Legal responsibilities Road Tax, Insurance, MOT
Environmental issues Environmentally efficient driving
Passangers & loads Effects of extra weight.
Security Lock it or lose it.
Compare to the Driving Test Report