If you are looking for a friendly, experienced and honest person to teach you to drive automatic in the Aldershot/Guildford area then look no further. Call or txt 07887895503. Beginner and refresher lessons available.
Automatic Driving Lessons in Aldershot and Guildford
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Automatic Driving Lessons in
Aldershot and Guildford

Please note: I retired at the end of September '15 and am therefore now not taking on any new learners. 1&1
Since September 2012, about 61% of people coming to me have passed their driving test first time. Some have tried with other instructors but failed the test.
The national average pass rate is about 43%.
It's best if you have at least 10 hours with me before your test to get you confident with all you need to know and do to drive safely, for life.
I can now accept payment from almost any chip-and-pin credit/debit card. I have a secure card reader from PayPal Here. More than half my current learners now pay this way. I also accept cash, cheques and gold bullion.
Just joking about the gold bullion! I don't have the scales to weigh it out!
Automatics are fun because:
  • you cannot stall the engine.
  • you have more time for observation.
  • with no clutch to worry about, you will learn more quickly.
  • I like my jokes - You might not, but I do!
Or I am a good driver ...
  • and I'd like to prove it?
  • but my new car is much bigger that the one I learned in ...
  • what's a roundabout? ...
  • what's all this about 'automatic'?
I am here to help - so call me on 0788 789 5503.
Other questions


Printed reminders of some lessons, techniques and manoeuvres.

Hall of Fame

You did it, Harman. Hope the dissertation goes well.

Congratulations Chrissie. Passed first time.
(Doesn't she look pleased with herself!)

Congratulations to Elinor. Passed first time. Hope "Grease" went well.